UMM a I just dont uderestand

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UMM a I just dont uderestand

Post  DatBatBoss on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:47 am

ummmmm the server restarted and umm can i have my stuff back be cause this isnt fair

i had full diamond armor diamond pick and sword iron shovel and axe with a spare set of iron tools all exept hoe bow 12 arrows 54 melons 73 torches 64 cobblestone a furnace and crafting bench and thats all i "REMEMBER" and also a glitch made me lose some more stuff

i had full iron armor 2 sets of irons tools a bow and 5 arrows 2 stack of cobble + 54 10 iron 7 diamonds 13 gold ore 16 lapiz lazuli 10 iron ingots 2 bread 1 apple and 1 cooked porkchop 1 furnace and 1 crafting bench please put a private chest somwhere and give me the cords plz prefferbly in Yalorda's 1.4.2/4/5 guild thx

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