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Post  SantaClaws on Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:10 pm

In-Game Username: megaxyoshi

Why I recieved a ban: Mods during gameplay

Why I'm qualified for an unbanning: The server has many bugs as it is, and a bug in the game allowed me to be unhitable in the game Hunger Games, also not allowing me to open a chest. I never had a mod on, and I never have used one in my life.

The admin that banned me: Unknown, it never told me.

Additional Details: The server just came out, so it's no suprise it contains many bugs, but the fact I recieved a ban for one of those bugs drives me crazy. I've never hacked in my life, not once, not even with other games, never hacked any of them. I find hacking stupid, and to be banned for the reason is outragous. I want to play on the server, it's a fun server, so I don't have a reason to mod it. Hand on the bible, hand on my parents grave, I have never, ever, moded or hacked minecraft. You can chose to believe that, or not.

EDIT: This issue has been resolved from me talking to Squilistipated.

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