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Post  TheXehanorto on Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:41 pm

In this little map I am making in Creative Mode, it will be dubbed Capture the Tower, which is a fancier Minecraft title for Capture the Flag. The map will consist of three levels, an upper level walkway in which players can run across the slipper ice to reach their opponent's tower faster or to find one of the bow and arrows placed on the map and snipe enemies approaching the tower. The main level is the basic area with holes missing in the floor, however falling into the lower level will not kill you. The lower level is in fact filled with cactus in which you can navigate the maze to reach either your own side or strike the enemy from behind.

Each player shall spawn with a set of Iron Equipment and two pork chops and can find extra food and upgraded equipment scattered in various parts of the map. The only parts allowed to be destroyed tower blocks needed to complete your own tower to win the game. Now for rules of the map.

1. Only one person can carry one block of the tower at once for their team.

2. If you are carrying a tower piece, you must show you are carrying it.

3. No griefing other parts of the map, doing so will immediately have you removed from the game.

4. Each team will get one minute planning periods before the game in order to determine who will play what role in the match.

5. Have fun.

Pics and updates will be posted regularly.


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