Butt3rBo0ts uses nodus

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Butt3rBo0ts uses nodus

Post  UNIxPEEPEE on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:20 am

Butt3rBo0ts is using the mod nodus and I now bc he istalled it at my house and he uses sneak and fly in hunger games along with chest finder and more. and not to bring my personle reasons in but my mom is in afganistan and he told me to burn in hell with my mom bc it would be 2 less assholes in the world. so plz plz PLZ plz BAN HIM it would make the server better and I can prove he has the mod bc he can see people through walls and there name lights up when u crouch so if u don't ban him u wont see me on a lot any more and don't crouch in hunger games with Butt3rBo0ts so thx for reading and plz ban him


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