Spigotmc, it should keep the server from crashing.

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Spigotmc, it should keep the server from crashing.

Post  ShadowFire3800 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:06 pm

I tried telling admins on the server, but no one listened, so here's my chance.

In order to keep the server from crashing, you can use SpigotMC. SpigotMC is basically an optimized version of Bukkit that is made by one of the admins on Bukkitdotorg. SpigotMC also remakes the networking of Minecraft servers to be much more smoother. No, SpigotMC doesn't require the client to have mods.

For more info, visit spigotmcDOTorg.

Also, I'm not advertising, I am not part of SpigotMC, I'm posting this for the good of Yocraft.


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