Story of my Yocraft experience.

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Story of my Yocraft experience.  Empty Story of my Yocraft experience.

Post  DarkTailed on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:48 pm

[Long story is long. Just saying.]

My story begins during the summer of 2012, I believe. Tyler was streaming parkour on the server at the time, late nights. I always wondered what server he went on, and wanted Minecraft. At the time, I was playing it, but a cracked version (shhhhh :3). On my brother's birthday, he manged to persuade my mom to get us both Minecraft.

The next day, I was looking around Twitter, and saw that someone had tweeted someone else about the server IP Tyler went on, so I went on it. There was no one at the server at the time, as this was before Tyler announced it. I went into Creative, (Retro Creative) and built a pixel Mudkip. Insert over used joke here.

I kept going on, and seeing new people, such as Ganon, Zumi, Jan, Pino, Itachi, Will, Tyler, and more. The server was really fun to be on, and was really enjoyable with those guys. I remember staying up until 5 AM once playing with some of them on the server. (Tyler spawned ghasts in someone's house. My volume was a bit loud. It may or may not have scared me.)

Then, server was announced by Tyler. Many more people came on, such as Yalo, and Jesus. (Im sorry I dont remember them all D:) I was still a Regular at the time, working towards Builder, when it was still there, haha. It was really fun hanging with them in Survival with Yalo's guild.

I got Builder, crashed the server with World Editing a bit too much than the server could handle. Oops. Tyler and Yoshi started to stream on the server, which was fun and laggy. And chat spam. A month or so after I got Builder, Mod and Admin apps were closing, so Ganon persuaded me to make one, haha. I did, and got into the Mod team.

Being a Mod was really fun. I remember staying up on nights helping to work with Mario, and crashing the server again with trying to drain water. Oops again. There were lots of Skype calls, and lots of fun. I was glad to be able to help out on the server, and be able to help people when no other mod/admin was around. A few others after me made Mod status as well, such as Itachi, Jesus, and Yalo.

Then, server release. A lot of people came to stay, and it was fun hanging with them, some people such as Koka, and Icey(JonIcedMilk). They made Mod status as well, which was cool. Now here we are.

Well, that's the end. Although there were more goodbye's to the mod team then I would've liked, it still was a fun time, especially when I first met them. It'll be sad to see the server be gone in a few days, with all the memories, but it's better to be happy it happened then to be sad it's gone, huh.

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