Reason for the server closing!

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Reason for the server closing! Empty Reason for the server closing!

Post  Ganon432 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:39 am

So alot of have been wondering, theorizing, and even demanding to know why the server is closing, so now I'm gonna explain why.

The reason is, that a good number of the Admins (including Tyler) aren't really interested in keeping the server up for the public. We've grown a little tired of MC and don't really feel like running a server nowadays. You'll probably ask "Why don't you just give it to someone else or get new Admins?" And the reason for this is, that when a server owner doesn't want to really keep the server public anymore, we can't do much about it. I know a lot of Mods and users do not agree with the server closing, but we don't really have any choice. We can't give it to someone else because, it costs 100$ a month to pay for the server, and no-one has that kind of money.
And then even if we did have someone to do that, we'd have no-one to keep the server active and popular.
There's also the fact that the Admins and owners just don't want to run a server anymore. We just want to build maps and cool projects, and not really worry about taking care of a server.

So we really hope you understand, and forgive us for doing this. We apologize to everyone upset about this! And we hope you'll join us when we do streams!

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