yocrafty masdcot 5.0 + yocraft v info

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yocrafty masdcot 5.0 + yocraft v info

Post  yocow on Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:41 am

hello everyjoe. i come with more news for Yocraft V: The Phantom Pain, the upcoming game from Yocraft Productions.

in this game, mascot (now known as Punished "Venom" Mascot) make a return, after yocraft was destroyed by a mysterious force known as TFARCOY. in this game mascot becomes a demon because he felt like it. here is a picture of Punished "Venom" Mascot" after his transformation into a demon

the events of yocraft being destroyed will be tackled in the prequel to Yocraft V: The Phantom Pain titled Yocraft V: Ground Zeroes., the two titles have been split to ease development costs. we hope you enjoy the Ultimate Story and look forward to our new video game

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