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Ban Mistake Empty Ban Mistake

Post  andrew_dragon on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:58 pm

Username: andrew_dragon
Griefer: TayK_2012
Admin: Zumi
Other Admin (not as important to THIS story) : Dark
What happenned: I was banned from Visitor Creative. TayK2012 was griefing me. He built something near my building (some pixel art) and abandoned it half way through. Then he covered it with fire to frame me for griefing him. He then set fire in a bunch of random places on MY build! Then he started placing random blocks everywhere! I typed "/msg Zumi (because he's an admin and i saw his name in the chat) TayK2012 is griefing me!" I thought he would tpa me. apparently he was invisible and he teleported to me without telling me or anything. I was cleaning up my build as fast as i could after i typed that. I had a bucket of water and an empty bucket, getting rid of the fire while he was still griefing me. Zumi SAW ME CLEANING UP MY BUILD AND SAID THAT I WAS GRIEFING TayK2012 DX ! I was banned from Visitor Creative. Then I would not stop messaging Zumi until i got an answer. HE WAS IGNORING EVERY WORD THAT I SAID DX ! He said things like "Don't act innocent, andrew" Then he was apparently watching TayK2012 and saw him with a flint and steel continuing to grief me. This was THE ONLY THING that got him to "unblock" me! I was furious with those two even after I was "unblocked"! After, TayK2012 was banned. Less than half of an hour later, he started begging another admin named "Dark" and I was furious! I told "Dark" everything. Then he told me that he couldn't unblock TayK2012 even if he wanted to. I just want you to please be more careful about banning people. I hope that you actually took the time to read this. It will be very important to be careful about bans in the future.


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Ban Mistake Empty Re: Ban Mistake

Post  DarkTailed on Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:10 pm

Hey there, Andrew.
While we do try our best to make sure that we get rid of griefers, accidents do happen some of the time. We're sorry for this mistake, and we're also sorry for any inconvenience it caused. We'll be sure to be more careful in the future.


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