Ban Appeal for visitor survival

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Ban Appeal for visitor survival Empty Ban Appeal for visitor survival

Post  IzziTheGreatest on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:17 pm

In-Game Username: IzziTheGreatest

Why you were banned: For griefing

Why you think you are qualified to be unbanned: I honestly do regret for griefing and it has been a very very long time since i griefed. I just finally now had the guts to make a ban appeal. At the time i was kinda mad at who i was griefing b/c they were being such jerks, but i should've never griefed them anyways. But that was a really long time ago (4 months ago, i think) and ever since i got banned i have been playing Free survival and i never griefed in there. I even made the building infront of the spawn in free survival (the garden was made by 0o0_Angel_0o0). Even though i was griefing in visitor survival, I still did help a lot of people in there. I promise that if you unban me i will not ever grief again and becareful of my actions.

Which admin banned you: I don't know

Additional details: I apologize to EPIC_SAINT for griefing him continuously and i hope you guys will see this. Please and Thank you Smile


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