An incredibly annoying player who does not listen.

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An incredibly annoying player who does not listen.

Post  EB812 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:24 am

Hi, so my name is EB812 and I'm a regular on the server. Me and two of my friends have a MASSIVE wall around our house/farm/other buildings in Co-Op survival due to the fact of animal killings. In one sense, it keeps people (and the occasional creeper who likes to take a stroll into the cow pen) out, but it does not keep other people from being curious. We have locked gates in certain spots for us to use, and essentially, one who is not listed on the sign cannot get in without griefing. Sometimes I'll be crouched and hidden, watching someone as they approach, break in, look around, see it's just a house, leave, and seal up their hole. No big deal, I'd probably be the same if I was just curious. However, in the past few days I've had one particular player cause me a lot of problems.

On Friday evening, I was playing and waiting for one of my friends to come on so we could do some building or whatever it was that we were planning, I don't remember due to the events that followed. I noticed a person (I knew it was not my friend because he was not on skype and he was going to skype me before he got onto the server.) I wasn't in the mood to hide, and since I'd had a close run in with a griefer only the day before, I ran to the gate where he was looking in. The person's name is irrelevant, as he particularly caused no harm. He saw me, and I asked him in the chat to please leave. He was willing to go almost immediately. It was his friend, however, joey_2003, who is the person who I am talking about. This guy would NOT leave me alone. At first, I politely asked him to leave a few times. He kept downright refusing and being rude. Eventually, I got pissed, as my friend was not on the server/skype yet and I had to shut down minecraft and leave soon, and I wasn't going to leave my house with this guy trying to break in. In fact, he did dig a hole and bust into my mob room, broke some stone and glass. It wasn't a big deal, but he did it in front of me JUST to prove he could break in and I could do nothing about it. This was in Co-Op, so I could literally do NOTHING but ask him over and over again to leave. Eventually, I HAD to leave and my friend was still not on, and I just had to hope joey did nothing to my house in the meantime. (Later, I found out my friend logged in only a few minutes later and he was gone.)

Fast forward to Saturday. All three of us who live in the walls are on skype, improving the mob room so that it is a drop mob room in the sky rather than a simple room to kill them in underground. All of a sudden, my friend (who had logged in the day before to find no one) is flipping out in the skype call because there's some guy around the outside walls. I kid you not, not 5 minutes earlier did I finish telling the full story to them. We immediately took to the outside walls. We couldn't do anything to him because it was Co-Op and PVP was off, but hey, you see a possible griefer and you whip out your enchanted diamond sword to scare him off. That's natural. This guy is just doing LAPS around the walls, and my friend is following him. I see this guy, and my face drops. It was joey_2003.

At this point, I was SO sick of this guy. He gave me a bunch of problems for 20 minutes the day before, and he was back. I was done being Ms. Nice Girl, and outright demanded he leave. He had already made a point of breaking in before, and it was clear he was going to try again. (He was laying cobble in an attempt to climb over the 25 block high wall with a ledge.) He demanded that we stop following him. Yeah, okay. We're arguing for a good 10 minutes, and this guy just won't GO AWAY. He even gets a DIFFERENT friend to teleport to him and tells them in the chat to "Kill them with lava they are annoying me". The guy did nothing, just like the other guy the day before. We kept telling him that PVP was off and if he killed us he would be breaking the rules, and we asked him to leave OVER and OVER again. There were no admins on/all AFK at the time, and a regular happened to see us arguing in the chat, us telling him to leave and him telling his friend to kill us in lava/telling us to stop following him/saying we were annoying. I'd just like to point out we did not leave 10 blocks from the outside walls when we were following him. It wasn't like he was trying to leave and we were following him. He was trying to break in and we were following him. The other regular's name was ExpertCool, for the record. You can ask him about this incident and get the same story.

So, ExpertCool sees me and joey arguing in the chat. My two friends were mostly silent in chat, as they were telling me what to angrily type through the skype call. Expert teleports to one of us (I don't remember who it was, but it wasn't me.) and asks us to explain what was going on. We explain: This is our house. Joey is trying to break in. Joey is trying to kill us. Joey is claiming we're "annoying him" by trying to STOP HIM from breaking into OUR HOUSE. Joey is being an asshole. Joey then logs off, once the real story was out. His friend, who was still just kind of witnessing all this, left our house for his house/another part of the server (don't really know, don't really care) after we asked him to leave one last time.

The point to this REALLY long post (sorry!) is, joey_2003 is an asshole and a minor going major greifer. I looked and I saw nothing about being an asshole/harassing someone in this manor in the rules, but every time I log on I'm super scared that my stuff is going to be destroyed/animals killed/other destruction from joey the asshole. It's also leaving me super paranoid when I see random things that look like name tags because I'm scared it's going to be him. Please, just do something to get this guy to stop harassing me and my friends and just being a general asshole about my personal buildings that I have spent over a full week of hours clocked on the server working on.

Here's a more direct list of things he has done within two days:
-Refused to leave when asked politely by responding rather rudely
-Refused to leave when simply told to leave, no kindness intended. Still rude responses.
-Broke in/broke part of a basement mob spawning room
-Tried to break into the walls a second time the next day
-Tried to climb OVER the wall
-Tried to twist the entire story in his favor
-Told someone in GLOBAL chat to kill us with lava in a non PVP part of the server
-Logged off like a coward when the truth was revealed. And it's not even like it was an admin! It was another regular!

Thanks for reading this! I'm sorry it's so long, but it's a long story! I'm just trying to make my (and others') playing experiences more fun without the threat of death by lava in a non PVP world or the attempts at griefing.


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