Okamiusagi Was Spamming Me.

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Okamiusagi Was Spamming Me. Empty Okamiusagi Was Spamming Me.

Post  daytonolafson on Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:39 pm

Hi my name is Dayton and I was playing hunger games. I tried to kill Okamiusagi but failed. He called me a Bitch then private msg me and said hey fag.Okamiusagi Was Spamming Me. 11ca799ce0c6e9282a93a2ffc055be09 Then he started spamming me saying U MAD Okamiusagi Was Spamming Me. 1ada0147562ff89af085d30055efc266 SilverFighter23 talked to one of the admins jesusgrandma about this just to let you know.
But anyways I hope this get figured out and have a nice weekend Smile


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