The End of an Era

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The End of an Era Empty The End of an Era

Post  BigAxle on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:37 am

Well guys, this is it. Tonight at Midnight, our beloved server will Whitelist. Today is our last day, and I've decided to look back on all the moments that I've had. I've been around the server for 3 months now (Joining when Tyler released the IP for the server) and I've had a wonderful experience. I've made so many friends on here. And I'm very glad to have made them. This server has had plenty of memorable moments. From Beta Testing Mario to The Cobblestone mushroom island, to helping make HG 4 and getting Runner-Up in the March BC, there hasn't been a bad moment. We've had one heck of a staff team, where every single member has done a great job. As we reach the end, sadly, many people have begun to disregard the rules, and we've had to ban and mute more people than usual. Despite that, there are still voices of reason within the Regular Group, from people like Dino and Rawr to others like Ezra and I.

This server has taught me many things, and hopefully other people have learned lessons as well. It has taught me to enjoy the journeys we had rather than look darkly at the end. Anyone who has stuck around to the very end, the staff, the Vets, and any other people, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Without you guys, I wouldn't have had such a wonderful time on my favorite server. I'll be on for the final celebration, and I hope that we can have as many people come and enjoy the heck out of this server.

Thanks for all the good times and the bad, and I'll see you all tonight. And then, I'll see you all stream-side. :3 Dave


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